Hi Jason,

The Solaris Cluster product (also called Sun Cluster) is an
extension of the Solaris Operating System. There is only
one operating system on a machine, and by extension there is
only one Solaris Cluster set of software running on a machine
regardless as to the number of Zones on that machine.

Solaris Cluster currently supports the ability to run
applications in zones (but not Oracle RAC).

Solaris Cluster does not run inside a set of Zones,
because Solaris Cluster is NOT an application.

There is an active project to support Oracle RAC running
in a zone environment. This new feature will be a "Zone Cluster",
which is a virtual cluster where each virtual node is a Zone
on a different physical node. The Zone Cluster will be able
to support cluster applications in general. From the perspective
of the application, the Zone Cluster will appear to be a
cluster dedicated to that application.


Jason Burks wrote:
> IHAC who wants to know if you can cluster Solaris 10 Zones on two 
> different servers and if so would it require Cluster 3.2?
> Thanks
> Jason
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