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Mika Borner wrote:
>> Hi Andrew - we don't have plans for vmotion like functionality, as a
>> zone is tightly locked to the running kernel. Vmotion moves the
>> entire kernel over, as you well know. Vmotion like functionality is
>> on the roadmap for LDOMs, which will migrate an entire running
>> instance of the OS.
> I'm reactivating this thread again, as AIX 6.1 will provide this
functionality with WPARs.
> I guess we should discuss it, if this feature would make sense for
Solaris too...

Although the general concept is straightforward, what are the most
criteria?  Understanding the needs would help scope out a project like

I think that the ultimate goal is to move a service from one physical
to another without dropping any client connections or transaction state.

What's missing from that goal?

1) Need to support same filesystem on source and target. (Probably through
the use of a cluster or network file system)
2) Need to support the same set of users/groups (permissions/acl)
3) Need to support moving the full set of services of a given zone. (Moving
one service at a time, might be impractical)
4) To support the client connect and transaction state, we would need
to support continuous replication of zone memory map for zone
processes, and related kernel memory states. (This is the hardest
piece I think)
5) Once the memory states are replicating, and synced, must support a
trigger, that will acquiss the source, allow replication buffers to drain,
and then bring up zone on target host. (Keep in mind this needs to happen
within a small enough time period to not disrupt migrated services.)

That's all I can think of for now...

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