When Sol10u4 comes out, I intend to move my non-global zones to exclusive IP 
instances so that I can route traffic through my NAT from the outside more 
easily (don't ask!).  I do have a question, however.  Say I have a machine with 
one physical link, e1000g0, which has non-global zones on three vlans: vlan1, 
vlan32, and vlan64. (for what it's worth, the global zone is on vlan32), so 
I've got three interfaces now (pre ip-instances): e1000g3200, e1000g64000, and 
e1000g1000.  Without IP instances, I have the interfaces in the zones as 
e1000g32000:1 e1000g32000:2, etc.

In that case, what is the appropriate configuration for zonecfg when setting up 
the network interface where I have multiple zones, all of whose interfaces I 
need to have tagged, and multiple zones are on the same vlan?  Can I do the 

zonecfg -z myzone
myzone> set ip-type=exclusive
myzone> add net
myzone> set phsyical=e1000g32000
myzone> end

zonecfg -z myzone2
myzone2> set ip-type=exclusive
myzone2> add net
myzone2> set physical=e1000g32000
myzone2> end



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