I posted this query to the ZFS discussion forum, but got no replies -- perhaps 
this is more of question about zones than zfs:

I followed the procedure to add a ZFS dataset to a non-global, whole-root zone 
as a delegated dataset as described in the ZFS Admin Guide, page 129. What is 
the proper way to remove it? I tried the following:
>From the global zone:
1) halt the zone
2) use zonecfg to remove the dataset
3) boot the zone
When I logged back into the zone, the mount point was still present, but now 
under /, but the files were gone, and they weren't present in the pool on the 
global zone, either.

Is this the correct procedure to remove a ZFS file system from a non-global 
zone? Is there anyway to do this without losing the data in the file system?


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