I have a customer that is upgrading & consolidating their Sun Oracle 
environment onto Solaris 10 and utilizing Solaris 10 containers. They 
have two questions. Can anyone help me out? Please respond to me 
directly as I am not a member of the alias.


1)  Legato Networker is the backup solution in place.  Several systems 
are set up as SAN media servers so that backup to tapes occurs from 
SAN-disk to SAN-tape rather than across a network.  How will this be 
affected if they utilize a container rather than a global zone?  Can the 
data transfer be handled in the global zone, yet kicked off via RMAN 
from within a non-global zone?  Again, do we know customers doing this?

3)  At several points in time, Veritas volume manager and associated 
file systems are exported/imported to systems.  How would an Oracle 
instance in a container be affected?  Can the movement in-and-out still 
be accomplished in the global zone, yet reflect itself in the non-global 
zone?  Any caveats?
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