But how best to fix it?

The actual problem is in the following bug:


See 6400962 for more text. (Even though that seems to have resulted
in a manpage entry that says, effectively, that you shouldn't use
the -Z flag.)

Essentially, ps -Z only prints max 8 characters of the zonename,
which is completely useless - even dangerous.

The idea that this could be closed as not a defect beggars belief.

A fixed width (ie. just widening the field) isn't the answer. It should
display all the zone name whatever.

Isn't this as easy as changing the format specifier from %8.8s to %8s?

OK, so then the columns don't line up. How much is this a problem?
I know that I need the full zone name, and that this is far more
important than the output lining up. (I also don't regard output
format compatibility as a good argument, as the current output
simply isn't useful.)

(The same is true of usernames, which also get truncated.
That's bad as well, but at least you can see the history there
as usernames have traditionally been limited to 8 characters,
but zone names can and often are much longer.)


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