I've run into difficulty installing sparc kernel patch 120011-14 from the 
Oct/03/07 recommended patch cluster onto 6/01 and 6/06 systems with non-global 
zones (whether small or large).

As long as all non-global zones are halted (and don't have ZFS roots), the 
patch installs all right in the global zone.  However, it gives a failure 
message for installation in the non-global zones because user nobody can't read 
the zone roots (due to the required 700 permissions on those directories).  If 
I try to give nobody read access to those directories, the patch fails anyhow 
because it can't boot the non-global zone (it fails on the 700 perms check).  I 
can't run the patch with the zones already started because the kernel patch 
requires them to be halted (for deferred activation patching).  So, I'm boxed 

There are a couple other patches not installing into the non-global zones 
because they fail a dependency check on the kernel patch.  I'm hoping that the 
small zones are inheriting the patches anyhow, but I don't know what to do with 
the big zones.

Any thoughts?
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