Philip Nelson wrote:
> They're 755, all the way to /.
> Here's the actual error message a small zone gets:
> /usr/local/zones/[zonename]/lu/dev/.SUNW_patches_0909107281-1123512-000001035723188c/120011-14/SUNWbart/install/checkinstall:
> /usr/local/zones/[zonename]/lu/dev/.SUNW_patches_0909107281-1123512-000001035723188c/120011-14/SUNWbart/install/checkinstall:
> cannot open
> pkgadd: ERROR: checkinstall script did not complete successfully
> Dryrun complete.
> No changes were made to the system.
Hi Philip
what is the premissions on the directory structure containing the patch 
being added?

can you boot and halt the zone prior to running patchadd

> -Philip
> Enda O'Connor wrote:
>> Philip wrote:
>>> I've run into difficulty installing sparc kernel patch 120011-14 
>>> from the Oct/03/07 recommended patch cluster onto 6/01 and 6/06 
>>> systems with non-global zones (whether small or large).
>>> As long as all non-global zones are halted (and don't have ZFS 
>>> roots), the patch installs all right in the global zone.  However, 
>>> it gives a failure message for installation in the non-global zones 
>>> because user nobody can't read the zone roots (due to the required 
>>> 700 permissions on those directories).  If I try to give nobody read 
>>> access to those directories, the patch fails anyhow because it can't 
>>> boot the non-global zone (it fails on the 700 perms check).  I can't 
>>> run the patch with the zones already started because the kernel 
>>> patch requires them to be halted (for deferred activation 
>>> patching).  So, I'm boxed in.
>>> There are a couple other patches not installing into the non-global 
>>> zones because they fail a dependency check on the kernel patch.  I'm 
>>> hoping that the small zones are inheriting the patches anyhow, but I 
>>> don't know what to do with the big zones.
>>> Any thoughts?
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>> Hi
>> wierd, my zonepaths are all 700 and it works fine, what is the 
>> permission of the parent of zonepath?
>> Enda

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