Using snv_73 sparc. Trying to build JDS inside a whole root zone (because we 
install packages under /usr, /etc during the build).

I have a cron script that uninstalls the current build, does a svn update, does 
a full build and then sends report mails. I noticed that it was hanging very 
early on, during the uninstall section.
pkgtool mentioned below is from the JDS CBE.

I trimmed by zlogin command down to just one command:
zlogin -l gbuild big-zone ". /jds/cbe/bin/; cd /jds/spec-files; pkgtool 
uninstall-pkgs closed/*.spec *.spec </dev/null"

This command processes 143 .spec files. When I specify lesser numbers it works.
90 files is okay but 109 files caused it to hang.
If I run that command from the terminal it works without issue.

$ ps -ef | grep zlogin
    root 20133   397   0 17:21:00 ?   0:00 sh -c zlogin -l gbuild big-zone ". 
/jds/cbe/bin/; cd /jds/spec-files; pkg
    root 20134 20133   0 17:21:00 ?           0:00 zlogin -l gbuild big-zone . 
/jds/cbe/bin/; cd /jds/spec-files; pkgtool un

The ptree output is:
$ ptree 20134
397   /usr/sbin/cron
  20133 sh -c zlogin -l gbuild big-zone ". /jds/cbe/bin/; cd /jds/spec-fi
    20134 zlogin -l gbuild big-zone . /jds/cbe/bin/; cd /jds/spec-files; 
      20135 bash -c . /jds/cbe/bin/; cd /jds/spec-files; pkgtool uninstal
        20147 /usr/bin/perl -I /jds/cbe/lib/pkgbuild-1.2.0 /jds/cbe/lib/pkgbuil

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Is there a bug here?
We currently use a chroot environment to build JDS but a zones setup would be 
preferred as it is a supported feature.
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