IMHO, brandZ for s8,s9 s10, linux would be great.
This way the global zone almost act like "control zone" or dom0
and brandZ would act like appliance that can move between different hosts.

U get amost xen like feature but without the "overhead"
my 2c

Larry Becke wrote:

>The idea has merit, although I'm not sure you can't get most of this effect 
>with big zones, and careful application of patches and packages.
>Although, an entirely automated form of this as a branded zone would give 
>would be great.   Yes, we have to manage patches independently, and have to do 
>upgrades/updates as well, yet, there are those of us who would take that 
>approach if available.
>Now - with the T1 and T2 based servers and LDOMs, we get this capability 
>through a different approach not available to everyone.
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