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>> Hi
>> Did you clone the zone by any chance as this does not go through
>> sysidcfg? 
> I didnt know you can clone zones? this would be useful
yes in 11/06 otherwise know as update 3 ( someone might correct me there )

copied from another article:
So say you have zone1 with IP of, then to clone a zone2 
from it:

# *zonecfg -z zone2*
zone2: No such zone configured
Use 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.
zonecfg:zone2> *create -t zone1*
zonecfg:zone2> *set zonepath=/zones/zone2*
zonecfg:zone2> *select net address=; set 
address=; end*
zonecfg:zone2> *verify*
zonecfg:zone2> *commit*
zonecfg:zone2> *exit*

Instead of installing a new zone, let's clone from zone1.

# *time zoneadm -z zone2 clone zone1*
WARNING: read-write lofs file system on '/export' is configured in both zones.
Copying /zones/zone1...

real    0m31.135s
user    0m0.431s
sys     0m3.818s

# *zoneadm -z zone2 boot*
# *zlogin -C zone2*  (or supply a sysidconfig file)

Might be of use.
>> Else how did you create the zone?
> No- I created it using zonecfg then did a zoneadm install then boot.
hmm, it must have asked in zlogin -C )( otherwise something untold 
happened )
Without answering the sysidcfg bit, the zone will actually appear to 
boot, but won't be accessible outside of zlogin, unless you answer the 
sysidcfg stuff.

But either way to fully automate it, add asysidcfg file as mentioned.

>> To automate it I usually insert a sysidcfg file in
>> ${zonepath}/root/etc such as
>> # cat sysidcfg
> Thanks for that info
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