Hi Paul,

  1. Clone them localy
  2. Detach the Cloned Zones (zoneadm -z zonename detach)
  3. Tar or pax them over starting from the zonepath and remote copy
     the tarballs or simply export/import SAN DG hosting the zones.
  4. Prepare them for attachment, zonecfg -z zonename and at prompt  >
     create -a target-zonepath
  5. Attach the Untared Zones on Target  (zoneadm -z zonename attach)
  6. Boot them.

Make sure when you do all of the above that Source and Target servers are upto the same patch levels and all other resources (Network, SAN FS(s)) same as on source, otherwise you would be looking for troubles for reconciliations


Paul F Mazzola wrote:

Need recommendation to determine the best way for replicating Solaris Containers. Here is the situation:

(1) We built 4 containers for a customer on 2 different physical hosts. Root file systems are shared.

(2) Customer installed all their applications, packages etc.

Now customer wants us to replicate those 4 containers exactly as it is now so that on new containers they need not to install the apps/packages again.

What is the best way to handle this case and replicate the containers within same or different physical hosts?
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