Steve Lawrence wrote:
> Hey Menno,
> Do you have any source code or arc materials for review?  I'd also be
> interested in your latest archives.
> Have you run any functional or stress tests on this?  I can probally dig
> up additional tests if you want.  I'm guessing you really want to bang on
> fork/exit/newproc/newtask/zone_enter().

Hey Steve,

I don't have ARC materials yet (I'm still on the fence about making the 
global zone exempt from the zone rctl or not. We don't do that for 
zone.max-lwps). I have uploaded a webrev of the latest version of the 
prototype to

So far I have run functional tests (using the classic forkbombs and 
Brendan Gregg's mkzombie) and an ON-DIY PIT run on x86 and SPARC. No 
stress tests so far (apart from a zone reboot loop), so if`you have some 
additional tests that would be great.

Menno Lageman - Sun Microsystems -
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