Robert Smicinski writes:
> We have the same problem, none of our interfaces show up on ce's, bge's, 
> qfe's or ge's on sparc.
> It does work on one of our x86 machines though.  Maybe it's related to sparc?

It's not SPARC that's the problem.  The problem is that the IP
Instances feature ("exclusive-ip") currently supports only GLDv3
interfaces.  Any interface implemented using GLDv3 will work,
regardless of platform.

ce, qfe, and ge are (or at least _were_) monolithic DLPI designs, not

It's also pretty important to know that version matters here, so
describe the system you're using.  Quite a few changes have gone into
OpenSolaris-based distributions that haven't gotten back (and may
never get back) to S10.

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