> Have any GLD drivers for qfe on sparc been released? I'm looking for 
> developments on this. What's the likelihood, that, drivers for 
> sparc-opensolaris, will, on, Solaris 10 sparc, work?
> Kartik Vashishta

The Nevada (OpenSolaris) qfe drivers are GLDv3 based. These drivers
however will not directly work on Solaris 10.

The GLDv3 qfe driver depends on the GLDv3 hme driver so first you
would need to backport the hme driver to Solaris 10 and then the
qfe driver. There are only a few code changes necessary to do this
but this will still not be done because there are several interface
changes which will break compatibility (e.g. when using the ndd
command on /dev/qfe and instance vs. /dev/qfe<instance>).

So most likely there will not be any GLDv3 based qfe driver for
Solaris 10. See RFE 6590092 (qfe) and 6568532 (hme) which both have
the request for Solaris 10 backports (not done though).

  Wolfgang Ley.
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