Glenn Faden wrote:
>> I understood that.  What I didn't understand was why there wasn't a 
>> completely separate instance of the dbus-daemon running in each zone, 
>> with its own rendezvous file for communicating with clients in that 
>> zone.  Why would you expect there to be cross-zone communication here?
> Some kind of zone-awareness needs to be integrated into HAL and/or dbus 
> to deliver notification events (like hot plugging) to appropriate 
> consumers. I don't have a proposal at this point.

Hmm.  I didn't read enough of the D-Bus materials to see the kernel 
interaction; I only read the part about "inter-process communications".

Still, it seems like the two should be mostly separable, that the IPC 
aspects should be straightforward to support in local zones.  Kernel 
communications might not be available without zone support, but 
presumably there is a significant class of applications that would still 
be interesting - notably probably including the text editor that was the 
start of the conversation.

(Disclaimer:  I'm speaking entirely from a 100K-foot view, with almost 
no knowledge of how D-bus is implemented or used.)
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