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>  Hi
>  basically you'll need to have the "old" zone at the same patch/package
>  level, a zoneadm attach should tell you what is out of sync.

Right, I understand that.

>  So you'll have to patch the old system to same level as new system.
>  Basically as a starting point the Kernel Patches will need to be
>  identical, ie 118833-36 on both systems,
>  118833-33 was the Ku in u3, but rev 36 was the only Ku released that
>  will satisfy this.
>  So both systems will need 118833-36.

        Unfortunately, I can't get a window to patch the "old" system,
it is the full on production DB server with a dozen production zones
on it. Part of the reason for moving this zone off is a piece of the
shell game that will (eventually) get all the servers up to 10U4.

        Let me ask the question a slightly different way ... is there
a way I can patch *just* a non-global sparse zone ? If there is, then
I can just apply the patches there to match the "new" system it is
moving to. The manpage on patchadd is slightly unclear on this. I
suspect that if SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES is set to TRUE on *any* of the
packages involved, then I am out of luck and need to fall back to Plan
B (create a new zone and reinstall the application).

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