Solaris 10 update 4 introduced the BrandZ feature set.
Solaris 10 update 5 will introduce more zone features.
Today Sun Cluster requires the the Solaris 10 release be at
least up to the Solaris 10 update 3 level.

We are proposing to ship a new feature in Sun Cluster
that will use the BrandZ feature set and support
the new zone features in Solaris 10 update 5.
Naturally, this new feature will only be operational
when the customer installs Solaris 10 update 5.

There are at least 2 ways to load new software.

1) Install the Solaris 10 update 5 release

In this case we know that everything works fine.

2) Install patches for Solaris 10 update 5.
This approach loads all of the bug fixes,
and does not load the new packages.

If a customer installs patches,
will BrandZ and all the new zone features
of Solaris 10 update 5 work ?
Or will the customer just get the bug fixes ?

Our people in the field say that customers are
much more willing to install patch
as opposed to installing an update.

Some aspects of patching are murky.
So your help is appreciated.

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