When you use "zoneadm -z <zonename> attach" to attach your zone copies to
the new hosts, they will automatically be assigned new unique ids.  You
should not manipulate /etc/zones/index.  After halting your zone, you
should detach it from the host before archiving it.

tar is usually not the best archiving tool, as tends to deal poorly with
symbolic links.  There are some examples of migrating a zone using both
ufs (via pax) and zfs (via zfs send/recieve).



        halt zone
        detach zone
        archive zone
        On all hosts to have copies:
                unarchive zone in filesystem
                configure zone (including zonepath and new network identity)
                attach zone
                boot zone.

-Steve L.

On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 05:10:42PM -0400, Sanjay Akula wrote:
>    I have created one local zone 1 on server A I need to have a similar kind
>    of zone on all servers. I halted the local zone 1 and did tar of zone 1
>    and i have moved the tar ball on my six servers. I went to each server and
>    changed the IP address of local zones and hostname from 1 thru 6.
>    My question is on server A under /etc/zones/index file the zone1 has and
>    unique id. That id can be same on other servers  with different hostname
>    and different ip address. Can any one let me know is that ok?
>    --
>    Regards,
>    SysAdmin

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