Hi Hidehiko,

We are implementing an in-kernel Load Balancer which will
support DSR mode (amongst other things). The details and
project page should go up on OpenSolaris soon. You can
use this to front a bunch of servers (both real and

Alternatively, you can build a virtual network in a box
which can again do DSR between other virtual machines on
the same box. You can see similar examples at


Hidehiko Jono wrote:
> Hi,
> IHAC who want to use DSR(Direct Server Return) mode with Shared-IP
> zones like following URL.
> (http://www.inlab.de/balanceng/example3.html)
> CU told me DSR is very common technology in Linux world.
> I wonder Explicit-IP zones make this config running.
> But, Explicit-IP zones make no sense so that CU want to make about 20
> zones on each server.
> Would you please let me know how to build DSR mode with Shared-IP zones?
> Regards,
> Hidehiko

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