One of the fses in my zone had some problems and was not available when the
zone tried to boot.


I have since fixed those problems on the zfs fs, but the zone still won't
boot. Is there a flag i need to reset somewhere?




# zoneadm -z anzan boot

could not verify fs /backup: could not access //external/backup: No such
file or directory

zoneadm: zone anzan failed to verify

# cat /etc/zones/anzan.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE zone PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems Inc//DTD Zones//EN"


    DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE.  Use zonecfg(1M) instead.


<zone name="anzan" zonepath="/zones/anzan" autoboot="true">

  <inherited-pkg-dir directory="/lib"/>

  <inherited-pkg-dir directory="/platform"/>

  <inherited-pkg-dir directory="/sbin"/>

  <inherited-pkg-dir directory="/usr"/>

  <attr name="comment" type="string" value="This is the anzan non-global

  <network address="X.X.X.X" physical="e1000g0"/>

  <rctl name="zone.max-lwps">

    <rctl-value priv="privileged" limit="1000" action="deny"/>


  <filesystem special="/usr/local" directory="/usr/local" type="lofs">

    <fsoption name="rw"/>


  <dataset name="tank/anzan/sqldata"/>

  <dataset name="tank/anzan/sqllogs"/>

  <filesystem special="//external/backup" directory="/backup" type="lofs">

    <fsoption name="rw"/>



# zoneadm list -cp



# zfs list


external               449G   427G  27.4K  /external

external/backup        447G   427G   374G  /external/backup

# zfs get all external/backup

NAME             PROPERTY       VALUE                      SOURCE

external/backup  type           filesystem                 -

external/backup  creation       Wed Dec 12  8:46 2007      -

external/backup  used           447G                       -

external/backup  available      427G                       -

external/backup  referenced     374G                       -

external/backup  compressratio  1.00x                      -

external/backup  mounted        no                         -

external/backup  quota          none                       default

external/backup  reservation    none                       default

external/backup  recordsize     128K                       default

external/backup  mountpoint     /external/backup           default

external/backup  sharenfs       off                        default

external/backup  checksum       on                         default

external/backup  compression    off                        default

external/backup  atime          on                         default

external/backup  devices        on                         default

external/backup  exec           on                         default

external/backup  setuid         on                         default

external/backup  readonly       off                        default

external/backup  zoned          off                        default

external/backup  snapdir        hidden                     default

external/backup  aclmode        groupmask                  default

external/backup  aclinherit     secure                     default


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