But if I try install packages (core libs and other) with option -R and 
after that can I  enclose this directory with ZONE ?

Maciej Browarski

Enda O'Connor ( Sun Micro Systems Ireland) wrote:
> Maciej Browarski wrote:
>> Hello,
>> When I type zone install, all packages from global zone are installed 
>> in non-global zone.
>> How can I select packages which I like to have in non-global zone 
>> (similar configuration  when install solaris  10 and we can custom 
>> install) ?
>> Regards,
> This isn't configurable at zonecfg level.
> i.ei zoneadm install will just install all packages from global zone 
> to each ngz being installed.
> Packages installed via pkgadd -G are not installed in NGZ, but these 
> would typically be packages for usrland software, like a webserver 
> perhaps.
> There is no concept of metaclusters in relation to zones, you just get 
> the packages that are installed in the global zone replicated into 
> each non global zone.
> Enda
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