Lori Alt wrote:
> Anybody know how to get "zoneadm clone" to use
> zfs cloning?  I've got a zone (z1) whose root is a zfs dataset.
> I configure a new zone (z2) and try to make z2 a clone of z1:
> # zoneadm -z z2 clone z1
> This works, but the clone is constructed by copying z1, not
> by doing a zfs clone.  What am I missing?


I have a few questions.

First, what OS are you running?  The built-in support only
exists in nv right now.

When you say "zone root", what do you mean?  Is the z1
zonepath a dataset or did you do something special to make
z1's {zonepath}/root into a dataset?  We don't support the latter

Is the parent of the z2 zonepath a dataset?

When you installed z1, did it tell you it was creating
a dataset?  If not, then you don't have the zfs datasets
set up correctly for this to work.

Would both zonepath datasets be in the same pool?

As an FYI, I just tried a clone on b95 and it worked fine.


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