Thanks Jerry for the quick reply. I am making progress, but no cigar (yet). Now 
I have:

zoneadm: zone 'X': ERROR: attempt to downgrade package SUNWgtar, the source had 
patches but this system does not

It does not give me a patch number, so I can't add it to the bad_patches file. 
Or maybe it does ? 
Is there a list of patches I should add to bad_patches for this to work ? The 
workaround mentions an attached file, but I don't see it. 

Christophe Dupre

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Christophe Dupre wrote:
> Hello,
> we're having an issue migrating a zone from one server to another.
> Server A has Solaris 10 x86 05/08 and hosts zone X (spare-root zone).
> Server B has just been acquired and installed with Solaris 10 x86 10/08 
> and hosts a number of zones created locally.
> We would like to move zone X from A to B. We have done a 'zoneadm -z X 
> detach' on A, then did a tar of the zonepath to send it to server B. On 
> server B, we created a zfs /zones/X where we untarred the zone. Then:
> zonecfg -z X create -a /zones/X
> zoneadm -z X attach -u
> This gives:
> zoneadm: zone 'X': ERROR: attempt to downgrade package SUNWcsr, the 
> source had patch 125098-14 which is not installed on this system
>  >From what I can tell, 125098-14 was part of 05/08, not a patch we 
> added to the system after initial setup, and not something we can download.
> Does anyone have a solution for this ? How can I migrate my zone ?

This is bug:

6743776 zone update on attach should ignore all "special" patches

This is escalated and a patch is being developed.  The workaround
is in the bug report (the workaround is actually the fix).  It
updates the /usr/lib/brand/native/bad_patches file.  You can manually
do this as well.


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