This time last year, I attempted to build a Linux branded zone from scratch. 
I created an empty directory structure to hold a Linux zone and them
attempted to populate the directory from Linux sources.  I used the Linux
from Scratch web site ( as a guide to the

While it was an educational process and I learnt a lot about cross-compiling
Linux, eventually I failed.  At a number of points, one must perform some
particularly weird link procedures which I couldn't correctly customise in
the mixed environment.

After a year though, it still seems like a good idea.  SPARC Linux support
is rare, yet the T series SPARC processors should be capable of running
Linux extremely well.  As a branded zone uses SunOS as a kernel, building
just the user level parts of Linux should produce an operating system which
could show the same excellent performance as Solaris when used as a web

If such a branded zone could be built, it could be detached, tar'ed up and
distributed as a unit that could be installed elsewhere.

I don't have the time to work further on the idea so I thought I would just
cast it out in case anybody else wants a project for the xmas break :-)
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