Hi al,

I am trying to do LU on x4500: S10 8/07 -> S10 10/08.
I have all needed patches installed (Sunsolve doc: 72099).
But while doing:
luupgrade -u -n 1008 -s /mnt
I get:
ABE boot partition backing deleted.
PBE GRUB has no capability information.
PBE GRUB has no versioning information.
ABE GRUB is newer than PBE GRUB. Updating GRUB.
GRUB update was successfull.
Configuring failsafe for system.
Failsafe configuration is complete.
INFORMATION: The file </var/sadm/system/logs/upgrade_log> on boot
environment <1008> contains a log of the upgrade operation.
INFORMATION: The file </var/sadm/system/data/upgrade_cleanup> on boot
environment <1008> contains a log of cleanup operations required.
INFORMATION: Review the files listed above. Remember that all of the files
are located on boot environment <1008>. Before you activate boot
environment <1008>, determine if any additional system maintenance is
required or if additional media of the software distribution must be
The Solaris upgrade of the boot environment <1008> is complete.
Installing failsafe
ERROR: unable to mount zones:
zoneadm: zone 'gimli': "/usr/lib/fs/lofs/mount 
/tmp/.luupgrade.inf.27317/zones/gimli/lu/a/pool" failed with exit code 33
zoneadm: zone 'gimli': call to zoneadmd failed
ERROR: unable to mount zone <gimli> in </tmp/.luupgrade.inf.27317>
ERROR: unmounting partially mounted boot environment file systems
ERROR: umount: warning: /dev/md/dsk/d40 not in mnttab
umount: /dev/md/dsk/d40 not mounted
ERROR: cannot unmount </dev/md/dsk/d40>
ERROR: cannot mount boot environment by name <1008>
ERROR: Unable to mount boot environment <1008>.

Does anybody know where the problem is ?

Przemyslaw Bak (przemol)

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