For ip-type=shared the communication stays in the system.  O(memory  
speed).  Very fast with little IP processing. This is the default.

For ip-type=exclusive the communication will have to go out the  
interface assigned to the nonglobal zone and routed externally to an  
interface on the global zone. It is visible and the transfer is  
O(slowest interface).


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On Jan 23, 2009, at 1:41 PM, Matt Walburn <> wrote:

> Zones Group,
> A colleague and I have been trying to find a definitive answer for a  
> Zones networking question as we're trying to solidify how we backup  
> large Oracle databases running inside of Zones.
> Basically the scenario is this: If I Initiate a client backup from  
> the local zone to the "storage node" software running in the global  
> zone, and they share their ethernet interface - no shared IP  
> instance - does the backup traffic hit the physical wire? Or, does  
> it stay inside the kernel/memory... thereby achieving a very fast in  
> memory transfer to the backup server running in the global zone?
> Thanks so much, I really appreciate the help!
> -Matthew
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