Arun Gupta writes:
> Here is what I tried in my OS Virtual Box image:
> - created 2 zones 
> (
> - installed GlassFish in /usr/glassfish

How?  If it's via SysV packages, then it sounds like those packages
might not be Zones-compliant.

If it's by some other means, such as an installation script that
invokes 'cpio' or 'tar', then you're on your own.

> - created another zone
> In all the zones, /usr/glassfish is not visible.
> Manually created /usr/foo and even that's not visible in any of the zones.

If you manually created that directory, then you should see it in the
zones *if* those zones were created with /usr as an
"inherit-pkg-directory."  You'll see it because "/usr" is (by default)
a lofs mount to the global zone's "/usr".  That's the default, and you
have to do something at zone creation time (either using "-b" for the
zonecfg create subcommand or deleting the "/usr" IPD) to get
independent zones.

If you did remove that IPD in some way when you created the zone, then
it sounds like the system is doing what you asked it to do.

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