solarg wrote:
hello all,
i'm wondering how to create a sparse zone in os2008.11:

Sparse zones are not currently supported on opensolaris.

This is tracked as:
2550 Support for sparse root zones

- in solaris 10, just use "create" instead of "create -b" does a "sparse" zone
- in os2008.11, you have to add manually:
add inherit-pkg-dir
set dir=/lib
add inherit-pkg-dir
set dir=/platform
add inherit-pkg-dir
set dir=/sbin
add inherit-pkg-dir
set dir=/usr

Don't do that.

The IPS pkg software does not currently support the concept
of a sparse zone.  The inherit-pkg-dir directive is
intimately tied to the packaging software.  Only the svr4
pkg software supports sparse zones right now.

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