Ben wrote:
Hi all,

I have an OpenSolaris server (home server for file serving and SunRay) and am 
currently virtualising OpenSolaris inside VirtualBox to segregate applications. 
 This is a little resource intensive and I'd like to look at zones as an 

Last time I talked to an engineer, zones were broken, if you upgraded the 
system you had to rebuild your zones (I think I heard this pre-2008.11).  Is 
this still the case?  Or does the system do something clever now so that I 
would reboot into a new BE and the zones could be started as usual?  Or was 
what I heard a load of tosh?

The support for zones on opensolaris is still
evolving but zones are generally very usable on
opensolaris.  The issue you are describing did
exist a long time ago but as best I know is no
longer a problem unless some new bug has cropped
up somewhere.  However, when you image-update the
system now, the zones are also cloned but they are still
not automatically updated to be kept in sync with the
global zone.  We're hoping that support will be
added for the next release.  To work around this, the
easiest thing to do is to detach and reattach each
zone using the 'update on attach' option (-a) which
will cause the zone to be updated to be in sync with
the global zone.

The zones faq at:

discusses zones on opensolaris if you want more details
about the current status.

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