| On 2009-07-10 06:29:51, Robert Gst??hl wrote:
| I'm already using puppet at home and at work - and I love it (planning the 
migration to 0.25 right now ;).
| I've not used the zone resource type yet but will give it a shot asap.
| However, I need some time to get used to the idea that we might migrate our 
zones through editing a puppet manifest. It's either scary or sexy as hell - 
have to spend some time with the zone resource type and the code... ;)

Migrating in my context is ensuring the zone is stopped on the original host,
and then including the zone manifest (which includes the zone resource, and the
zone's node resource) in the new host. My stuff is not smart enough to copy
required data, etc.

I was not referring to the Sun concept of zone migration, which includes the
above (and might actually work now, with upgrade on attach), but which in my
shop would be a lot of tedious overhead (I like zfs send as much as the next
guy, but... :)

I'd be happy to share manifests, but they're still first-run (though over a
year old) and sort of ghetto, in terms of current Puppet BCP.
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