Did you try using the:

  "zfs send"

command? If each zone is in it's own zfs file system it makes sense that you 
could send the zfs file system containing the zone from one zpool to another or 
from one server to another using that "zfs send" command. You can even teleport 
an entire beadm boot environment from one server to another and boot it up a 
thousand miles away on the other side of the world like this:


The zfs send command is very powerful and can get very complicated if you have 
lots of snapshots or recursive file systems and things that need to be moved. 
In my opinion, the best way to learn how to master it is to buy a copy of this 
book called the "OpenSolaris Bible":


About 90% of what I know, I stole from that book. The chapter that demystifies 
and introduces dtrace is the best chapter on the subject I've ever read and 
that alone is worth the price of the book (in my humble opinion). The chapter 
on HA clusters, which I'm just getting in to is interesting as well.
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