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The ipkg brand does not support '-m copy' because the IPS packaging system requires that zones have specific ZFS dataset hierarchies. A straight file-to-file copy without setting up the requisite datasets (which is what '-m copy' normally does) would incapacitate the new zone. So, contrary to what the error/help messages say, ipkg does not support '-m copy'.

Why do you need to use '-m copy'? Are you trying to clone zones across ZFS zpools?

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On 07/21/09 03:38 AM, taiyo K wrote:
Hello all,

I am using OpenSolaris 2009.06 and creating lots of zones on there. Creating 
zones on ZFS works fine and I am very happy about it.
My question now is about creating zones by "copy" function on OpenSolaris.

Dose anyone know "-m copy" option works on OpenSolaris as it can on Solaris 10 
5/09? (http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/817-1592/gigwk?a=view)

man zoneadm tells me "clone -m copy" exists, but I got an error when I ran it.
hits...@cubeville02:~# zoneadm -z cloned clone -m copy OpenDS
/usr/lib/brand/ipkg/clone: -m: unknown option
Usage: /usr/lib/brand/ipkg/clone {sourcezone}
usage:  clone [-m method] [-s <ZFS snapshot>] [brand-specific args] zonename
        Clone the installation of another zone.  The -m option can be used to
        specify 'copy' which forces a copy of the source zone.  The -s option
        can be used to specify the name of a ZFS snapshot that was taken from
        a previous clone command.  The snapshot will be used as the source
        instead of creating a new ZFS snapshot.  All other arguments are passed
        to the brand clone function; see brands(5) for more information.

Does anybody know if this option is supported or not on OpenSolaris?


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