Hi Jordan,

Thanks for the explanation. I am now clearer in understanding why ipkg does not 
support the option.

>Why do you need to use '-m copy'? Are you trying to clone zones across
>ZFS zpools?
The idea behind of this question was I expected it possible to copy my 
customized data to new/cloned zones without running 'zfsadm -z myzone ready' 
command. The directories under /root folders of cloned zone (under 
/myzpool/myfs/clonedzone/root/ to be more specific) do not show up until the 
cloned zone becomes ready/running statement. That means there are always two 
steps if I would like to copy my data, the first step is 'zfsadm -z myzone 
ready/boot', and the second is actual file copy. I thought if I 'copy' the 
zones and all of the folders under /root are reachable, I could skip the first 

As this is intentionally and carefully designed as OpenSolaris zone mechanism, 
I am really happy to live up to it.

Thanks a lot.
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