dear all,

I've installed mysql and glassfish packages in my OpenSolaris 2009.06 
installation in VirtualBox. Then I created a non-global zone (I think it is 
sparse-root, by default).

Within the non-global zone, mysql & glassfish are unavailable. Actually I 
wanted to confine them to hv them run in non-global zone not global zone.

1. would the non-global zone hv access to mysql & glassfish install if I've had 
created the non-global zone 1st THEN downloaded/installed the packages from 
Package Manager?

2. Or by creating a whole root zone would have solved the problem?

3. Networking issue: leaving my non-global zone as it is, I tried to use pkg to 
get and install the mysql & glassfish packages. But it came out error stating 
it could not find the package server. Obviously, it is networking problem 
within the non-global zone whereby it can't locate and connect to the Internet 
WHILE the global zone has no such network problems. Does the non-global zone 
follows the dns configurations of the global zone upon creation or I've to 
manually configure it and how?

thanks in advance,
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