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dear all,

I've installed mysql and glassfish packages in my OpenSolaris 2009.06 installation in VirtualBox. Then I created a non-global zone (I think it is sparse-root, by default).

Within the non-global zone, mysql & glassfish are unavailable. Actually I wanted to confine them to hv them run in non-global zone not global zone.

1. would the non-global zone hv access to mysql & glassfish install if I've had created the non-global zone 1st THEN downloaded/installed the packages from Package Manager?

2. Or by creating a whole root zone would have solved the problem?

3. Networking issue: leaving my non-global zone as it is, I tried to use pkg to get and install the mysql & glassfish packages. But it came out error stating it could not find the package server. Obviously, it is networking problem within the non-global zone whereby it can't locate and connect to the Internet WHILE the global zone has no such network problems. Does the non-global zone follows the dns configurations of the global zone upon creation or I've to manually configure it and how?

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OpenSolaris IPS and zones don't have a concept of sparse and whole root. You have a 'separate' set of IPS packages, and you will have to install the applications into the zone, similar to how you did it for the global zone.

You have to separately configuring networking in the non-global zone.
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That's right. OpenSolaris doesn't have anything like sparse-root zones. Each non-global zone (NGZ) has its own set of packages: each has to be managed separately.

As Steffen said, you have to configure each NGZ's networking features separately. Did you grab the zone's console after booting it for the first time and walk it through the sysid config screens? They ask you for network configuration parameters.

Hope that helps,
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