Edward Pilatowicz wrote:
so we're actually changing our stack pointer after entry into the
kernel, so it's no longer necessarily matching the interrupt stack that
the processor switched in automatically and saved the parameters on.
notably we don't do this for 32-bit kernels.  this means that
de-referencing V_SSP is the right things todo.  sorry for taking so long
to understand this code...

so one last comment nit and then i promise i'm done.  could you update
the the descriptions of the stack setup by BRAND_CALLBACK on 64-bit
kernels to be more accurate for interrupt syscalls by changing:
        "user stack pointer"
        "user (or interrupt) stack pointer"

thanks, and sorry again for the delays while i tried to understand the
code better.


Thanks for all of your comments.  I'll make the update you suggested.

Thanks again,

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