Jordan Vaughan wrote:
Maybe I'm not understanding the bug's evaluation but it seems to say
that the problem is caused by the presence of boot archive files.



It is. However, bootadm(1M) infers the existence of boot archives from the existence of /boot/solaris/bin/create_ramdisk. If we remove the latter from a zone, then bootadm(1M) won't try to update boot archives in the zone's root filesystem. Changing package variants during ipkg p2v should remove /boot/solaris/bin/create_ramdisk and thus prevent bootadm(1M) from updating ipkg-branded zones' boot archives.


OK, thanks for the clarification.  I just checked the pkg metadata
and change-variant will work properly to address this:

% pkg contents -m | egrep create_ramdisk
file 5e6129cf9f1b34c37c0bd34c2c1feb841dbc9436 chash=0e9054d31e87beecb9eda2e28f70c1ab443ef878 group=sys mode=0555 owner=root path=boot/solaris/bin/create_ramdisk pkg.csize=5148 pkg.size=14675

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