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Hi all,

Can Zone work as a DHCP client? In my testing enviorment, all ip must be 
assigned from a DHCP server, I have setup a solaris 10 (x86 version) and config 
it as a DHCP client, now I tried to create a ZONE on it. How can I config the 
ZONE as a DHCP client in this enviroment? BTW, only one NIC in the machine. Any 
feedback will be very appreciated,

If you configure the zone to be an exclusive-IP zone then it can be a DHCP client.

In Solaris 10 that requires having a separate datalink name for the zone (either a separate NIC, or a separate VLAN).

In Nevada/OpenSolaris there is more flexibility since you can create a VNIC and give that VNIC to the zone.

You can potentially use the support for logical interfaces in dhcpagent (see man page) to configure e.g., bge0:1 using DHCP, and use a shared-IP zone. Then you would manually have to do
        ifconfig bge0 zone zoneA

In that case you wouldn't list any IP address in zonecfg. Note that I haven't tried this approach so I don't know if there are any gotchas.

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