Hi Erik,

Thanks for your suggestion. I have tried the way that run ifconfig bge0 zone 
zoneA, it did not work. I'm a newer to solaris ZONE, I did not have a good idea 
about how to troubleshooting it. :-) So I deceided to try IP-exclusive. Now I 
install solaris 10 on vmware workstation, and I simulated 2 NIC and I checked 
the status of them with command dladm in solaris: 
#dladm show-link
e1000g1 type:non-vlan mtu:1500 device: e1000g1
e1000g0 type:non-vlan mut:1500 device:e1000g0
But when I created zone, I cannot set ip-type=exclusive, my step is:
#zonecfg vbox
zonecfg:vbox> set zonepath=/vbox
zonecfg:vbox> set ip-type=exclusive
then set usage was displayed and no ip-type was listed in it. 

Why I cannot set ip-type to exclusive? How can I work around it?

Any suggestion will be appreciated,

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