the error message of the application is:

Failed to set queue size (have 65536 bytes).

And this is done in a "function" with the name "setTotalQSize".

So, given that, I suppose that the application tries to change
the number of msg_qbytes.

Just to recap - the application would need the SYS_IPC_CONFIG
priv, but this privilege is not available in a non-global zone.

But you say, that it's not available "by default". Could I "grant"
this priv to a non-global zone on Solaris 10?

Best regards,

2010/4/6  <>:
> msgctl says this"
>    EPERM        The cmd argument is IPC_RMID  or  IPC_SET,  the
>                  {PRIV_SYS_IPC_OWNER}  privilege is not asserted
>                  in the effective set of  the  calling  process,
>                  and  is not equal to the value of msg_perm.cuid
>                  or msg_perm.uid in the data  structure  associ-
>                  ated with msqid.
>                  The cmd argument  is  IPC_SET,  an  attempt  is
>                  being   made   to  increase  to  the  value  of
>                  msg_qbytes,   and   the   {PRIV_SYS_IPC_CONFIG}
>                  privilege  is not asserted in the effective set
>                  of the calling process.
> So clearly you're trying to either change the number of
> msg_qbytes or you are changing the properties of a msg queue
> without being the owner.  The SYS_IPC_CONFIG privileges is not
> available in the zone (by default).
> Perhaps we want to use a new privilege which is save to give to a
> zone (modify message queues you don't own).
> Casper

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