Sorry to bump this very old thread however it's the first google result for 
this privilege problem so hopefully this will help somebody.

I have had a pretty similar issue, in my case the root user of a non-global 
zone had the SYS_IPC_CONFIG_PRIVILEGE but other users did not.

I've gotten around this in two ways:
1. You can use the ppriv command to set this privilege for the process that 
requests it (normally, you must be root to grant the privilege), e.g.:
ppriv -s A+SYS_IPC_CONFIG process_pid (you could use the shell of the logged in 
user for example so you can start any number of processes with that privilege 
for one session).

2. A more permanent solution is to grant this privilege to the user so that it 
would always be available:
usermod -K defaultpriv=basic,sys_ipc_config user_name
As far as I understand the -K switch will replace current privileges with the 
new value so if you have any other extra privileges for the user be sure to add 

Hope this helps, cheers!
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