I've got an application, which does a msgctl(2) call with cmd = IPC_SET.
This is a server application and I try to start it using SMF; in the manifest,
I've got:

<method_credential user='conf'

But when I try to enable this service, it fails:

  svc.startd could not set context for method: setppriv: Nicht Eigentümer

("Nicht Eigentümer" means "Not owner")

When I enable the service without (trying to) grant the sys_ipc_config
privilege, the app starts, but issues a warning:

  setTotalQSize: Failed to set queue size (have 65536 bytes).  errno=1
'Not owner'

Can I somehow grant the PRIV_SYS_IPC_CONFIG privilege
to the zone, so that this works? If I undestand
correctly, then this priv isn't in the list of privs a NGZ can have.
Is that correct? Or could I somehow grant this priv to the NGZ?

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