On 05/26/10 17:14, Ian Collins wrote:
I have just restarted a b133 host with several zones and no none of them
will boot. They all report:

# zoneadm -z svn boot
zone 'svn': ERROR: no active dataset.
zone 'svn':
zoneadm: zone 'svn': call to zoneadmd failed

I've seen this mentioned as an issue after an upgrade, but this system
only has one BE (the active one) and all I have done is a restart.

Is there any way to get them back?

You haven't provided any information to enable anyone
to help you.

Are the datasets still there?  What does 'zfs list' show?
What is the zonepath of one of the zones which won't
boot?  Did you do anything with your BE's on this system
since you installed the zone?

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