On 05/29/10 09:51 AM, Jerry Jelinek wrote:
On 05/28/10 15:16, Ian Collins wrote:
What does 'zfs list' show?

rpool 46.3G 542G 81.5K /rpool
rpool/ROOT 5.98G 542G 21K legacy
rpool/ROOT/opensolaris 5.98G 542G 5.93G /
rpool/build 438M 542G 424M /build
rpool/depot 42K 542G 24K /depot
rpool/dump 3.00G 542G 3.00G -
rpool/export 16.0M 542G 23K /export
rpool/export/home 16.0M 542G 23K /export/home
rpool/export/home/admin 15.9M 542G 15.9M /export/home/admin
rpool/on 545M 542G 545M /rpool/on
rpool/play 17.0G 542G 27K /rpool/play
rpool/play/test 6.68G 542G 6.68G /rpool/play/test
rpool/play/vol10G 10.3G 552G 21.5M -
rpool/swap 3.28G 545G 52.3M -
rpool/vdi 14.2G 542G 13.9G /vdi
rpool/zoneRoot 1.28G 542G 26K /zoneRoot
rpool/zoneRoot/svn 439M 542G 24K /zoneRoot/svn
rpool/zoneRoot/ftp 472M 542G 24K /zoneRoot/ftp
rpool/zoneRoot/ftp/ROOT 472M 542G 21K legacy
rpool/zoneRoot/ftp/ROOT/zbe 472M 542G 470M legacy
rpool/zoneRoot/ldap 32.9M 542G 25K /zoneRoot/ldap
rpool/zoneRoot/ldap/ROOT 32.9M 542G 21K legacy
rpool/zoneRoot/ldap/ROOT/zbe 32.8M 542G 369M legacy
rpool/zoneRoot/pdc 369M 542G 24K /zoneRoot/pdc
rpool/zoneRoot/pdc/ROOT 369M 542G 21K legacy
rpool/zoneRoot/pdc/ROOT/zbe 369M 542G 366M legacy

None of the zones boot.

What is the zonepath of one of the zones which won't
boot? Did you do anything with your BE's on this system
since you installed the zone?


ls /zoneRoot/svn/
dev root

There is only one BE. the system was installed with b133.

The svn zone won't boot because there is no zfs dataset for
the zonepath root.  There should be two datasets named
rpool/zoneRoot/svn/ROOT and rpool/zoneRoot/svn/ROOT/zbe.

I'm sorry, that was a slip of the past buffer, the datasets are there:

rpool/zoneRoot                      1.28G   542G    26K  /zoneRoot
rpool/zoneRoot/svn                   439M   542G    24K  /zoneRoot/svn
rpool/zoneRoot/svn/ROOT              439M   542G    21K  legacy
rpool/zoneRoot/svn/ROOT/zbe          439M   542G   437M  legacy

It looks like you have datasets for other zones with zonepaths
of /zoneRoot/ftp, /zoneRoot/ldap and /zoneRoot/pdc.
What is the error you get when you try to boot one of those

All the zones fail to bot with the same error

r...@i7:~# zoneadm -z ldap boot
zone 'ldap': ERROR: no active dataset.
zone 'ldap':
zoneadm: zone 'ldap': call to zoneadmd failed


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