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> Ok, so I shut down e1000g0 which means my global zone can not access 
> internet. The local zone will have e1000g0:1 which I do not shut down, which 
> means the local zone can access internet. Correct?
> But, if we look at this picture
> http://blogs.sun.com/droux/entry/private_virtual_networks_for_solaris
> I see a virtual switch in the middle. I dont really understand the purpose of 
> the virtual switch in the middle. What is it for?

It is a feature in Project Crossbow. In one sense, it is the mechanism
by which several entities (e.g. several zones) share a physical NIC.
In other words, vSwitches connect vNICs to a physical NIC.

> Should I also have a vswitch in the middle? And connect all local zones to 
> the vswitch?
That depends on your goals. Unless you have more NICs than zones, you
will need at least one vSwitch.

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