Sorry, I didnt really get that. Could you explain a bit what you did, for a 
solaris noob? You just shut down the global NIC, and the local zone NIC still 
works? Yes?

A question: I see that you use shared ip. Isn't that less safe than 
exclusive-ip because several zones share the same NIC in your case? If you want 
to separate traffic maximally, you should use exclusive-ip, yes?

If I use exclusive IP, I must configure virtual nics with crossbow - yes?

I am actually trying this, but can not my zone to ping the world. The local 
zone exclusive-IP NIC does not work. When I get this scenario to work, I will 
post everything here, how to do it. So others can follow. But I need help 
during this research phase. Please help me answer my questions above?
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