I'm having trouble running a VM inside a zone where the VM's network interface 
is configured as a bridge over the VNIC I created for the zone. Basically, the 
zone is setup as being ip-exclusive over a VNIC. Inside the zone, I can 
ping/resolve etc. If I run the VM with NAT, it works fine. When I set the VM as 
using a bride connection over the zone's VNIC, the VM (Windows 7) properly gets 
an IP from my DHCP server, but then loses connection.

In the logs of the global zone, I can see the following regarding VirtualBox:

vboxNetFltSolarisAttachIp4: Warning: seems 'vboxzone0' is unplumbed.

Here, vboxzone0 is the VNIC assigned to the zone VirtualBox is running in.

My setup is snv_134.

Has anyone ran a VM setup with a bridge connection inside a zone? Any help 
greatly appreciated!
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