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>I created a second VNIC, vboxzone1, inside the global zone. I added that secon

By VNIC, I meant Crossbow VNIC, not VirtualBox NIC.

In global:
# dladm create-etherstub etherstub0
# dladm create-vnic vnic0
# dladm create-vnic vnic1
# dladm create-vnic vnic2
# cat <<EOF>/etc/hostname.vnic0
# cat <<EOF>>/etc/ipf/ipnat.conf
map e1000g0 -> 0/32 portmap tcp/udp auto
map e1000g0 -> 0/32
# zonecfg -z win7zone export
create -b
set zonepath=/var/opt/zones/win7zone
set brand=ipkg
set autoboot=true
set ip-type=exclusive
add net
set physical=vnic1
add net
set physical=vnic2
add device
set match=/dev/vboxdrv
add device
set match=/dev/vboxusbmon

In non-global winz7zone:
# cat /etc/hostname.vnic1
# cat /etc/hostname.vnic2
# cat /etc/defaultrouter
# ifconfig vnic2

Now configure your VBox to use the host's vnic2 in bridged mode and
set its ethernet address to the same per page 88 of the VBox manual.


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