On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 11:32 PM, Darren Reed <darren.r...@oracle.com> wrote:
> On a test system that is using only ZFS, I'm trying to create a zone
> but it keeps failing with:
> netvirt-d1 ~# zoneadm -z exclusivetestzone1 install
> ERROR: the zonepath must be a ZFS dataset.
> The parent directory of the zonepath must be a ZFS dataset so that the
> zonepath ZFS dataset can be created properly.
> I don't get it. This restriction never used to exist.

Zones need to be on ZFS with a particular dataset layout so that boot
environments can be managed with beadm, pkg, etc.  That is, zone boot
environments have very similar requirements that global zone boot
environments have.

> Why do I need to do something extra that is mandatory?

If the parent of the zonepath is itself a ZFS dataset, it does happen

> Further to this, there's a script on Oracle's website here:
> http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E19963-01/821-1460/z.conf.start-1/index.html
> that also fails to configure & create a zone that can be installed with b154
> bits.
> To give an example (/tmp/ozone is the script from the above page)...
> / is rpool/ROOT/solaris
> # zfs create rpool/ROOT/solaris/zone
> # zfs set mountpoint=/zone rpool/ROOT/solaris/zone

That needs to be fixed.  It would cause zone boot environments to be
contained within global zone boot environments.  As new global zone
boot environments are created, you will end up with roughly 2x the
number of non-global zone BEs.  I normally use:

zfs create -o mountpoint=/zones rpool/zones

and would appreciate feedback as to whether others feel that this
should be the default behavior if the zonepath is /zones/<zonename>
and /zones doesn't already exist.
> As you can see from this, the parent of the zonepath is /zone and that
> is a freshly created ZFS dataset. Furthermore, / which is the parent of
> /zone is also a ZFS dataset. Having /zone as a directory within / and
> not a dataset also results in the above error.
> Between zoneadm and zonecfg, I can't see anything that instructs me on
> how to resolve this. Am I missing something?

Mike Gerdts
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